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How to install your Ascema license file

How to install your Ascema license filelink

Prior to installing the Ascema Endpoint agents you should install your license file on your server.

In order to create a Search schedule you must have an administrator user account and be logged in to the Ascema Endpoint manager; see How to manage Ascema user accounts.

Installing your license filelink

While logged in as an administrator you may install a license file

  • From the Acema Endpoint home screen select the Admin Tasks menu item

  • Selecting this menu will open out the menu options for administrators

  • From the list of menu items select License

  1. The license management screen will be displayed
  2. Select the button to choose license file

  • You will be presented with you usual browser dialog to choose a file
  • When you have finished selecting your license file the license details will be displayed on the license screen

  • You can confirm for yourself that the license details are as expected


The Device Management screen will also be updated to reflect the license upload and will display the maximum number of devices which may now be connected