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How to configure an agent for use with Alfresco

How to configure an Ascema agent for use with Alfrescolink

Once you have completed the initial installation of the agent for use with Alfresco you will need to apply the setting on the Devices screen so that the agent can connect to the Alfresco service.

  • From the Ascema Endpoint home screen select the Admin Tasks menu item

  • Selecting this menu will open out the menu options for administrators
  • From the list of menu items select Devices

  • The devices maintenance screen will be displayed
  • A list of registered devices will be displayed
  • Select the agent which will be used to connect to the Alfresco service
  • For this agent select the Actions button
  • From the available options select Make Alfresco

  • The device type icon will change to that for an Alfresco device
  • A Configure Alfresco button will be displayed for the device

  • Select the Configure Alfresco button for your chosen device

  • When you first see this it will shoe the Ascema as not yet connected to Alfresco
  • Enter the Alfresco host address - if you have installed the Ascema agent on the same server as Alfresco then this may be localhost rather than
  • Enter the username and password for the user account which the Ascema system will use to access the Alfresco system


The Ascema system will only have access to files and folders which are accessible to the user account configured here. You should ensure that the user account on Alfresco which is entered here has full access to all the data which you wish to manage.

  • Select the Save Connection button
  • After a brief delay the connection status on the Alfresco Configuration dialog should change

  • You are now set up and ready to perform Ascema searches on your data held on Alfresco