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How to use the Dashboard

How to use the Ascema Dashboardlink

After installationlink

After installing the Ascema Endpoint manager the dashboard will display the main options to get started using the Ascema system.

Ongoing statuslink

Once tasks have been set up for Search or Real-Time Protection the dashboard will show a brief summary of recent activity

  • The dashboard shows a summary of some of some of the detailed reports elsewhere in the Ascema system
  • Each area of the dashboard provides a different summary view of the overall Ascema system view
  • The status counts will show the the output of the most recent instances of each task
  • The counts reflect the progress towards resolution of the data items found
  • The devices summary panel shows the top devices by number of data items discovered
  • The graphs (and the name labels) when clicked will take you to the detailed report for that device
  • The tasks summary panel shows the most recent tasks run on the Ascema system
  • The list of tasks can be re-sorted by selecting the column heading of the column you wish to sort by
  • The graphs (and the name labels) when clicked will take you to the details report of the latest instance of the search task
  • The licence summary panel shows basic information about the licence installed for the Ascema system and how many agents are running