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How to configure an agent as a file server agent

How to configure an Ascema agent as a file server agentlink

If an Ascema agent is not configured as a file server as part of the initial installation you will need to apply the setting on the Devices screen so that the agent is handled correctly by the Ascema system.

  • From the Acema Endpoint home screen select the Admin Tasks menu item

  • Selecting this menu will open out the menu options for administrators
  • From the list of menu items select Devices

  • The devices maintenance screen will be displayed
  • A list of registered devices will be displayed
  • If the agent has not yet been configured as a file server it will show the normal endpoint agent icon as shown here.
  • You may confirm this by placing the mouse pointer over the agent type icon
  • Click on the Actions button
  • From the list of available actions select Make FileServer
  • The device type icon will now be for a file server
  • The number of file servers shown as connected will now increase

For future searches this endpoint Agent will now be treated as a file server agent.