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How to generate a HERO report

How to generate a HERO reportlink

The High-level Executive Report Overview is designed for periodic reporting of the overall progress of your organisation in managing your sensitive data risk with the Ascema system. The report gives a graphical representation of a number of perspectives on your data risk and the mitigation of that risk.

The HERO report shows long term trends towards managing your information risk, when you first start using your Ascema system the HERO report will be blank due to the lack of this longer term data. As you build up a history of using the system over time more HERO report options will become available to you.

How to create a HERO reportlink

The HERO reports can be accessed by any signed in user to the system.

  • From the menu select Hero Report
  • The hero report generation page will be displayed
  • The key areas for creating the report you want will be visible at the top of this page
  • The first section shows a summary of what the current settings for the Executive Summary
  • The second section enables you to edit those settings
  • The remainder of the page shows a preview of the hero report which will be generated from these settings

Changing the HERO Report settingslink

The first decision to be made to generate a HERO report is the reporting interval. This can be selected from the Edit Settings panel.

  • From the drop-down select the Reporting Interal at which you want the report to show data
  • The longer reporting intervals only become available for use when sufficient historical data is available
  • With the interval selected the date range selection options will be populated by the system
  • Select the Start Date
  • A date picker will be displayed appropriate to the Reporting Interval you selected
  • Choose the starting point of your HERO report from the date picker
  • Select the End Date
  • A date picker will be displayed appropriate to the Reporting Interval you selected
  • Choose an end date which will give a number of date intervals for the report to show
  • Select Apply Settings
  • The report preview will be generated so that you can review the effect of your report settings

How to produce a HERO reportlink

  • Once the report settings have been edited to your satisfaction you can produce a permanent copy of the report.
  • Select the Print Report button
  • The print option for your browser will be displayed with the HERO report
  • The options for printing the report will vary according to your browser but will usually include options to send to a printer or to save as a PDF file