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How to install the Endpoint Server

How to install the Endpoint Managerlink

Step-by-step guidelink

Before installing the Ascema Endpoint manager you will first need to download the installer and your license file.

  • Double-click on the AscemaDiscoveryEndpointManagerService-2.4.exe file to start the installation process
  • Depending on your version of Windows operating system you will then see a Windows security confirmation request. Select Yes to proceed with the installation
  • The installer will start and you will be presented with a license terms dialog.

  • You must agree to the terms of the license to proceed with the installation
  • The install location dialog will then be displayed

  • You can either accept the default location for the installation or use the Browse button to choose another location
  • Once the location is set to your preference select the Next button

  • This install screen will give you options for the memory the manager will use
  • If unsure as to the memory which should be used seek guidance from your support contact
  • Once the install size has been selected select the Next button

  • This dialog enables you to choose which port the Endpoint Manager will run on
  • If Port 80 is already in use on your server you should choose another port for the web service to run on
  • Once the port has been chosen click on the Install button
  • The installation will then proceed for a short time as files are copied into the chosen location
  • Once the installation has taken place a completion dialog will be displayed

  • The manager installation is now complete.
  • When you select the Close button you will see a waiting screen

  • This waiting screen will be displayed while the services are starting up
  • Once the web service is running you should be redirected to the next screen to create a password for the administrator account
    • If after a few minutes you are not automatically redirected you can manually enter the address localhost:port where port is the number you set up during the installation to navigate to the administrator setup screen

Administrator setuplink

Before you can proceed to use the Ascema Endpoint system you must define a password for your primary adminstrator account. After the installation is complete the Ascema Endpoint Manager will present you with the administrator setup screen.

  • Use this screen to create a new password for the administrator account
  • You should create a password in line with your usual password policy and then re-enter it into the repeat field
  • Enter a password hint to aid you in recalling the password
  • When you select the Set Password button you will be directed to a normal login screen

  • Enter the password you just created
  • When you select Login you will then be directed to the home screen for the Ascema Endpoint sytem

You are now ready to use the Ascema Endpoint system to help you manage your organisation's sensitve data.


The installer will register the Ascema Endpoint Manager with the windows firewall of the server. Depending on server type and configuration it may be necessary to make further changes to the firewall. In this even the following firewall rules may be needed

  • TCP Incoming on the HTTP port you selected in the installer - the default is port 80
  • TCP Incoming on port 61618 for connections from the agents
  • TCP Incoming on port 61617 if this is a Primary manager for connections from Secondary managers