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How to allocate your licence across the enterprise

How to allocate your Ascema licence across the enterpriselink

If you are running a number of secondary Ascema Managers across the enterprise you will need to ensure that each secondary manager has sufficient licences allocated to it. Each secondary manager should have sufficient licence allocations to cater for all the endpoints which will connect to that manager.

In order to create a Search schedule you must have an administrator user account and be logged in to the Ascema Endpoint manager; see How to manage Ascema user accounts.

Allocating your licences to secondary managerslink

Once a licence file has been installed on your primary manager use the Licence Allocations tab to view how that licence is allocated across all your managers.

  • From the Administrator Licence screen select the Licence Allocations tab
  • The top part of this screen will show you how many licences are currently allocated from your licence file and to which managers they are allocated
  • The bottom part of this screen will allow you to change the allocation of licences between your primary and secondary managers
  • Change the values of licences allocated either by entering new numbers or by adjusting numbers with the up and down arrows.
  • The top part of the screen will be updated to show your intended allocations within the overall licence limit
  • When you are happy with all the changes select the Set button to apply the changes


A set of allocations can only be saved with the Set button if the totals are equal to or less than the limit of your licence. The button will be disabled if you enter values which exceed this limit.