How to configure an agent for use with Office 365

How to configure an Ascema agent for use with Office 365link

Once you have completed the initial installation of the agent for use with Office 365 you will need to apply the setting on the Devices screen so that the agent can connect to the Office 365 service.

  • From the Ascema Endpoint home screen select the Admin Tasks menu item

  • Selecting this menu will open out the menu options for administrators
  • From the list of menu items select Devices

  • The devices maintenance screen will be displayed
  • A list of registered devices will be displayed
  • Select the agent which will be used to connect to the Office 365 service
  • For this agent select the Device Settings button
  • The Device Settings dialog will be displayed
  • Click on the Device Type dropdown
  • The Device Settings dialog will change to show additional setting for an Office 365 agent
  • The device will show connection status, it will not show as connected until fully configured
  • Refer to the details recorded when Setting up the Office 365 permissions
  • Enter the Tenant Id, App Id and Secret from the Azure App
  • Select the Update Device Settings button to save your changes
  • The Device Settings dialog can be used in future to confirm the connection of the agent to the Office 365 instance
  • You are now set up and ready to perform Ascema searches on your data held on Office 365