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Release Notes

Release Noteslink

What is new in 2.4link

Hero Reportlink

A high level summary report that helps organisations estimate the value of sensitive data discovered and mitigated by Ascema in a specific period. Hero report also allows Data Protection Officers to produce a detailed report on

  • What sensitive data was found
  • Where it was found
  • How has it been dealt with
Pattern groups pre-built to enable rapid production of key business searcheslink

Includes pre-built pattern groups for

  • GDPR
  • PCI
Identify sensitive data in file metadatalink

Ascema will search the metadate for common document formats to report on sensitive data which would ordinarily be hidden from view.

Prebuilt IDC_9_CM and IDC_10_CM codes to help organisations with HIPAA compliancelink
Prebuilt set of European ID codes to support GDPR data searchinglink

Added a set of unique national identity codes as recored by the EU commission documentation.

Audit component to record all significant eventslink

Integration to external tools such as Splunk

Search remote network drives to support NAS deviceslink

An endpoint agent can be configured to include all remote network drives to support searching of drives which would not themselves be able to run an agent.

Detailed reporting on individual emails within email archiveslink

Return and report additional data to aid in locating specific emails within archives which contain sensitive data

Performance optimizations when searching large compressed files (pst, zip, tar etc) and viewing large search resultslink
UI enhancementslink
Bug fixeslink

Known Issueslink

Deleting Search Tasks which have never been runlink
  • When deleting a Search task the deletion will fail if the task has never been run
  • Workaround for 2.4 release is to run the task and select specific search target which will run quickly with no results
  • Search task can then be deleted and any unwanted results will be deleted with it.