How to create a Data Retrieval Task from an existing Task

How to create a Data Retrieval Task from an Existing tasklink

Once there are existing Tasks on the Ascema system a convenient way to create new tasks may be to create that task from an existing task. On the launch page of the Create New Task wizard select the checkbox to Base on an existing task

  • A list of existing tasks will be displayed
  • This list will include Real Time Protection, Data Retrieval, and Search Tasks
  • To aid in finding a specific task to use as a template the list can be filtered by name
  • When you select a task from the list the Next button will be enabled
  • Selecting the Next button will take you to the Create a new Retrieval Task wizard with the selections pre-populated from the template task
  • Each of the sections of the wizard can be opened and modified or left as it is from the existing Task


The Task name of the new task will be taken from the existing task and must be changed, each Task in the Ascema must have a unique name.