How to filter Retrieved Data

How to filter Retrieved Datalink

The Ascema system will create a dataset within the repository area when a Data Retrieval Task is run. It will often be the case that you will want to further filter that data that data before you download or transfer the contents of the repository.

In order to filter Retrieved Data you will use the Data Retrieval Reports.

Manually Filtering Retrieved Datalink

By the use of the Ascema Retrieval Reports you can gain an overview of data which has been found across your organisation and retrieved into a repository. From this starting point of automated data retrieval you can manually select a number of returned files.

  • Use the checkbox against each row to select that file
  • To rapidly select all rows you can use the Select checkbox in the column header
  • Having selected the required files click the New Repo From Selected Files button
  • The Name the new repository dialog will be displayed
  • On the dialog enter a name for the repository and select Create
  • The new repository will now be created as subset of the repository you were working in
  • This is shown on the Current Selection with an arrow indicating that a subset exists and can be viewed
  • Selecting the arrow will show any current subsets of the retrieved dataset
  • Clicking on a subset will change the view of the report to that retrieval subset

Using sub-search to Filter Retrieved Datalink

Starting from an existing repository you can use the search function of the Ascema system can create a new subset which includes the files which also contain specific patterns or keywords.


A sub-search will perform its search on the data which has already been retrieved, it is not necessary for the agents to be connected at the time you perform the sub-search and changes which may have happened on endpoints will not affect the result of the sub-search.

  • On the Data Retrieval Report select New Repo From Search
  • The search wizard will be displayed for a sub-search
  • The file types present in the repository will be offered as filter types
  • Select those file types you want to include in the sub-search
  • The date filters can be used to filter files on their created or modified dates


The date filters will be evaluated against the original file dates as found during the main Retrieval Task run.

  • When all the sections have been completed the Create New Sub Search Task button will be enabled
  • Click the Create New Sub Search Task button to start the sub-search
  • The sub-search will appear on the list of subsets for the current repository