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How to schedule searches

How to schedule Ascema searcheslink

In order to help you manage your sensitive data on an ongoing basis the Ascema system provides a capability to schedule searches across your endpoint devices.

In order to create a Search schedule you must have a user account and be logged in to the Ascema Endpoint manager; see How to manage Ascema user accounts.

Each Search schedule will be for a Search Task that defines what the search will look for and where it will look on the Endpoint Devices; see How to create an Ascema Search Task.

Create a schedulelink

For this example you will start with the Search Instance previously created in How to create an Ascema Search Task.

  • Having logged into the Ascema Endpoint manager the Search Tasks screen will be displayed
  • The Search Task created in the previous exercise will be displayed
  • Click on the Schedule button
  • You will be presented with the search scheduler dialog

  • The schedule dialog will be populated from the defaults defined during the creation of the Search Task
  • There are a number of different frequencies available to you, select the Schedule Frequency dropdown to view them

  • Select the Daily option
  • The schedule dialog will change to show only the details appropriate to a daily frequency


A scheduled search will run on Endpoint Agents which are running at the time scheduled. If it is the policy of your organisation to switch off devices at the end of the working day then an overnight run - as shown here - will not run on most devices.

  • Change the schedule time to a time which suits your organisation
  • Click the Create button

  • The Search Tasks management screen will now be displayed
  • The Schedule button will have changed to an Edit Schedule button
  • Your Search Task is now scheduled and will be run automatically for you on a daily basis at the time you selected.
  • If at any point you wish to amend or remove the schedule for this Search Task you can do so through the Edit Schedule button