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How to send alert messages to Endpoints

How to send alert messages to Ascema endpointslink

The Ascema system will automatically alert Endpoint users for most situations. There may however be occasions when you want to send specific and tailored alerts to some or all of your users.

In order to send alert messages you must have a user account and be logged in to the Ascema Endpoint manager; see How to manage Ascema user accounts.

The starting point for sending specific alerts is the Search Reports screen see How to use the Ascema Search Reports to review sensitive data management.

To send a tailored alertlink

  • On the Search Reports screen check the Alert selection box for each Endpoint Agent you wish to send the alert to.
  • Select the Alert selected endpoints link
  • The Alert Endpoints dialog will be displayed
  • Default values for the message preamble and the message body are shown
  • Enter the text you want for the message preamble and message body
  • Select Send
  • The selected Endpoint users will be alerted with your message
  • For alerted Endpoint users the Last Notification will now be the message you sent
  • The Last Notification will remain this message until the user receives a newer Ascema alert


The alert produced by the Endpoint Agent has limited room for text, the total text you enter between Preamble and Body should not be significantly more than in the defaults provided if you wish the text to be fully visible to users.