How to set Office 365 filters for a search Task

How to set Office 365 filters for a search Tasklink


Licence Requirements The features of the Ascema system for Office 365 require a separate licence. For details please contact your sales representative.

In order to include Office 365 services in the scope of your Search Task you should ensure you select the O365 target on the launch screen for the Search Task wizard

  • A Search Task wizard will be displayed
  • The additional fields for an Office 365 Search Task are in the Filters section of the wizard
  • Open the Filters section

Selecting areas to search on Office 365link

  • Select the areas within Office 365 that the Search Task should search through

Selecting users to search on Office 365link

  • If you wish to search only specific user accounts then uncheck the option for Search All Users And Groups in O365
  • Select the users to whom the Search Task should apply by clicking the checkbox next to the user details
  • Where there are large numbers of users there is a filter to Search by Name or Email which will show only matching users