How to change branding on User Reports

How to change branding on user reportslink

It is possible to change the branding on some user facing reports generated by the Ascema system. These changes are only applied to the reports generated for a wide audience, which are:

  • Individual device reports for endpoints
  • Individual user reports for Office 365
  • Hero reports

  • From the main menu navigate to the settings page

  • You will see the Settings page
  • Select the Branding tab
  • Change the text in the Name area to update the branding of the footer text on the Hero report
  • Upload a new image icon to adjust the branding on the user device report and Office 365 user report
  • Select Upload a new logo
  • The Choose file button will be displayed
  • Select Choose file
  • The file picker dialog for your browser will open for you to choose the image file to use as an icon.
  • When selected the chosen image will be shown in a preview on the page
  • When you have reviewed your changes select the Save button to save them


As noted on the branding page the icon image you choose should ideally be 100px by 100px in size. If you choose an image of a slightly different size the Ascema system will attempt to render this as well as possible on the user report pages but results may not be exactly as expected. The file picker will permit you to pick from a wide variety of image formats, a browser friendly image type such as .jpeg, .gif or .png will usually work best for your users.