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How to set Server User Interface settings

Server User Interface settingslink

How to set details of a load balancer or proxy serverlink

If the Manager server has been deployed behind a load balancer or proxy server the Server User Interface settings can be set so that Ascema Agents are able to navigate correctly to that address.

  • The address to connect to the Manager UI should be entered in three parts
  • Protocol may be chosen as either HTTP or HTTPS
  • Host should be the address of the load balancer or proxy server which should be used
  • Proxy UI Port should be the port towards which the Agent should direct user requests for the Manager user interface
  • When all details have been entered select the Save Settings button

How to set a Primary Manager as the point of entry for all userslink

If your Ascema deployment has been set up with Primary and Secondaries you may wish to direct all users to the Primary to view and manage data issues which have been discovered.

  • The part of these settings to change to direct users to the Primary manager is Set this as the UI to contact from the agent when the user chooses 'Manager UI'
  • Select the checkbox
  • With the checkbox selected select the Save Settings button
  • User agents will be updated with the address of this Manager as the one to connect to for reports and to resolve sensitive data issues.