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How to review your Device report

How to review your Ascema reportlink

In addition to helping you find any potentially confidential or sensitive data on your computer the Ascema system gives you some powerful tools to manage your data.

Accessing your individual device reportlink

The first step to managing your data is to access the device report that Ascema has prepared for your computer. Every time a search finds confidential data on your system it will alert you and you can access the report directly from this alert. If it is not convenient to deal with an alert when it first appears you can always use the Ascema Agent to pull back the previous alert - see How to use the Ascema Agent

  • On the Alert click on the area which says Click for details
  • Your browser will then open a new window showing you the Device report for the computer you are working on


Your device report will show you a list of files in which the Ascema system has found one or more items of concern. These items may be things which look like they could be confidential or are personally identifying information which by law must be properly controlled.

The report also gives you a number of tools to further look into the matter and to propose a resolution. Where possible the Ascema system will automatically check whether your resolution has worked and will update your report on the spot accordingly.

Reviewing your device report in detaillink

Your device report will provide you with information and tools to manage your confidential information. To review some of that information in detail:

  • Select the file which has been reported and which you would like to review. To open up the report for that file click on the small arrow to the left of the file name

When you select a file this way the detailed report for the file will be displayed

This area will give you additional information to help you understand how to manage the information that has been found.

  • The Matched Pattern will tell you what type of potentially sensitive data has been found by Ascema
  • The Matched Text shows you the context in which the sensitive data was found, as shown in this example the potentially confidential data is itself masked to protect against possible futher privacy issues from the reporting
  • The status indicates the last activity on the item - in this case Alerted indicates that this item has been found and alerted by the Ascema system

Opening up the details also reveals a number of new features which can be used to expore or respond to the alert.

  1. Selecting the Open link will open the selected file in the application installed and configured on your computer
  2. At any point in your resolution you can select the Check if Resolved and Ascema will re-search for the file and update your report if the data has been resolved
  3. This menu allows you to resolve all of the issues in file at once. See How to record your data resolution with Ascema.
  4. If you are resolving each item within the file seperately you should use this control to record your resolutions. See How to record your data resolution with Ascema
  5. If you are resolving each item within a file seperately you can use this button to tell Ascema to re-search and update the report after you have saved changes to the file